Services We Provide

HelloSound provides a variety of mixing & mastering services. We work closely with you to create the unique music that you'll be proud of.


We provide high quality mastering at affordable rates without compromising quality. Working within the digital and analogue realm we use ultra clean signal paths to help achieve the best possible results. We'll make sure that not only is your track loud but that it sounds great across every medium. 

Main services are:
mastering from a stereo file of the song;
stem mastering from main stems of the song, and
mastering from all tracks of the song.

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We strive for an organic and dynamic sounding mix which we achieve by using a variety of digital and analogue equipment. 

HelloSound works with artists all over the world to help them achieve the best possible results for their recordings.

We'll mix the song from all its tracks for maximum flexibility and ideal end result;
We'll make sure that every element ‘sits’ in the right place;
We'll provide high-end professional and speedy services.

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sound design

It is the art and we help musical artists make their creative visions real by manipulating the vocal sounds and instruments to make them sound their best. Believe that sound design is an essential tool for any successful video as it gives cohesiveness, rhythm, and depth connecting viewer with the content.

We'll provide:
Sound editing and mixing;
Placing dialogue and music on the timeline of video editing software;
Setting up sound playback equipment and much more!

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(50/50 from sales and streaming revenue)

We help independent artists, record labels, and distribution companies to sell their music online.

The benefits of our services are clear
Keep 100% of the copyright ownership;
Promote your content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms;
Sell your music worldwide!

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