"Take Your Music From Good To Great"

Let us make your music sound professional 

in 3 simple steps

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Send The Stems

Gather all your material, put everything in one folder, and send it to us.

Wait For The Magic

Sit back and enjoy life while a hardcore, professionally trained engineer take your tune to pro-level.

Receive Your Track Mastered And Mixed

Get ready to blow your listeners' minds with your radio-quality material.

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We strongly believe your music deserves to be heard.

it deserves more than that.

It deserves to be pleasantly heard.

Therefore we're on a secret mission to get 50k musicians to produce professional sound Radio & Spotify quality music one at a time. Do you want to be the next?

We’re Designed To Serve

New Coming Artists

On the look for affordable, easy to work with, mixing, and mastering professionals to pass the responsibility of turning his creation into a masterpiece.

Music Producers

Wanting to drastically improve their audio quality to show up on Radio, Spotify, and delight family and friends as fast as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Do you know producing music is tricky?

Unfortunately, not so many people know how to sound competitive while keeping the style that makes them unique, and that’s precisely what we do, faster than anyone else.

So let HelloSound engineers make your music sound professional... in 3 days or less.

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These guys know their work and do it at the top level! Love to work with Hello Sound!

Rec Mode

This guy's make’s amazing mastering for my vinyl project. 

Peter Temnitzer

Egothermia, Crash, Ballroom Records

I came to HelloSound looking for a good mastering service. And they've coped with this task for A+++!

Mark Marronier

Independent artist

The mastering from Hello Sound is very good. 

We use it for all ONESUN releases and our artists love it.

Peter Mills

Sound Dissonance, LUFT, Ushuaia Music

The mastering service of HelloSound especially for my vinyl release Close Voltage EP. They give the tracks the right punch without losing the precise of the synths and drums.

Frederic Stunkel

Natura Viva, Ballroom Records, Gastspiel Records

The mastering was done quickly and with a bang. They can save the situation in a tough time frame. 

Highly recommend to everyone!


Get The 3 Days Music Make Over

Let a ten-year experienced ear get your music ready for 

Beatport, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Primephonic, Spotify & Radio.


Improve your music by adding dynamic range, propper panning, perfect vocal placement, and flawless track alignment in an easy and hustle-free way.

1 track


2 tracks


for vinyl


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more tracks: contact us


Get your music perfectly tuned, your phase relationships corrected, and the perfect balance of bass and treble. And avoid the mistake of adding reverb to everything.

1 track


2 tracks


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more tracks: contact us


Best Online Mixing Service?

We can’t assure you will have the best online mixing service, and matter of fact, nobody can. However, we can ensure you will have your project with radio quality in 72H or less. Isn’t that awesome?

Online Mixing Services Worth It?

Whether you hire online or offline, the mixing and mastering services remain the same. The quality will depend on the experience of the engineer and his ability to understand your genre. If you’re an Indie musician, we’re just what you look for.

Why Paying A Professional If there Are Free Mixing Services?

There’s no doubt you can find anything free today if you look for enough, but can you ensure you will be satisfied with the outcome?  And if you don’t. Then, who will you go to for help and support? That’s why if you are an Indie musician, we highly recommend you hire a professional, us, for example.

Affordable Mixing And Mastering?

Are you looking for the perfect combination between affordable, quick, straight to the point, and no BS mixing and mastering service,  on the Indie space? Then, you are in the ideal spot. So send us your stems now and be amazed at how your music will improve for less than a hundred dollars.

Do you guys mix vocals?

Yes, we do. We consider nerd stuff like the Goldilocks rule to make a vocal mix that sounds clear and natural, avoiding unnatural compression and doubling and reverb excesses.

we will contact you within the shortest time possible